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Guide Rail Systems

Nearly all conveyors require some form of guide rails.  Whether this is required to closely control the product or just loosely retain it.


As a bespoke manufacturer, we fully understand each product is unique and therefore design each railing system to suit the product and application. 


Whilst there are standard systems, often the demands of the product require special profiles or the range of products on a line require the ability to change from one size to another easily

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Stainless Steel Conveyors

Stainless Steel Conveyor for a Drinks line designed by KensalOver the past 40 years, Kensal has developed a broad range of stainless steel conveyors and continuously growing and developing this range has been at the forefront of our business.

It's what we do! It's what we are well-known for.

We have supplied many of the UK's major Blue Chip, high volume production facilities within the food and drinks market and we constantly strive to improve our range as new products and markets develop.



Complete Stainless Steel Conveyor Line Solution designed by KensalOur belief in

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Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyor

Keneroll 1Kensal Manufacture numerous styles of powered and gravity roller conveyors, with the type selected depending upon the application.

We manufacture four main types, offering low pressure or pressureless accumulation as required.




24v Zone Control

We also produce a range of Low Back Pressure (LBP) roller conveyors where mini rollers are contained within a slat/modular belt.  The latest generation of

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Conveyor Systems

Chivers Stainless Steel Conveyor designed by KensalKensal Handling Systems offer one of the widest ranges of stainless steel conveyors in the market.

Whether your requirement is to handle loose products, bottles, cans, containers, packs, cartons or pallets, we have the products and solutions to meet your needs.

We design, manufacture, assemble and test at our production facility in Luton, Bedfordshire, so we are able to produce our standard products or custom designed conveyors to meet your specific

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Pallet Conveying Systems

Pallet lift transfer Kensal Manufacture a range of pallet handling systems to fit into any factory and handle a wide range of pallet sizes from standard Euro and Chep to in-house custom sizes or international standards.

In house we manufacture roller, chain or HD modular belt systems, depending upon the application.

We can also supply pallet stackers and de-stackers for end of line applications as well as pallet lifts to work between factory floors or local lifts for pallet wrapping, work stations

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Palletising Systems

One of Kensal's areas of expertise is end of line (EOL) palletising systems. 


Whether you are upgrading to increase your productivity or automating to avoid RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), end of line systems are critical in many applications

Working with machine builders such LITA Primo Palletiser Systems by Kensalas our long standing partner LITA, utilising Kuka robots with Kensal tooling or customer specified equipment, we have the expertise and know-how developed

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Bakery Products

Kensal Bakery Products


Kensal offer a range of Conveyors and products designed specifically for the bakery industry


dough balls 1

Dough Handling

For dough handling from the moulder, to rounder, through divider to pinning head.

Kensal worked with a premium brand bread maker and leading belt manufacturer to develop a conveyor system that gently handles the dough with minimum shock and utilising belts with a surface to minimise sticking/product build up.

We also have a

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For over 40 years Kensal have been integrating equipment into new and existing food and drinks lines or installing complete production lines.

With in-house Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Project Engineers we can guide you through the entire project from initial concepts Kensal Chivers 007through design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

Our own control engineers can interface with all type of machines and PLC systems, ensuring that all of the equipment operates at

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Robotic Palletising Systems

Kensal Handling Systems specialise in "integrating" all elements required to complete the automation of production lines, including Robotic Palletising and De-Palletising. 

With our expertise in conveying systems, product handling and project management, we have the "know how" especially for end of line systems.


20180222 092445aUtilising either robots from our partner company KUKA,  or a customers preferred supplier, we can handle your products, integrating Kensal

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Bespoke System Engineering

Kensal Handling Systems can provide bespoke systems designed for your specific application. Whether designing unique equipment, working with advanced control systems or integrating with your existing manufacturing facility and control systems, we can manage the way through all aspects of design and implementation.


These following case studies give a flavour of the scope of the expertise and skills which we will bring into action to provide you with the solution you

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Case Studies

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