Kensal Bakery Products


Kensal offer a range of Conveyors and products designed specifically for the bakery industry


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Dough Handling

For dough handling from the moulder, to rounder, through divider to pinning head.

Kensal worked with a premium brand bread maker and leading belt manufacturer to develop a conveyor system that gently handles the dough with minimum shock and utilising belts with a surface to minimise sticking/product build up.

We also have a dough divider system for splitting a single supply to two pinning head - see video




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Baking Tray Handling   .

Kensal has developed a number of tray handling systems to cater for specific problems or layouts within factories.  Often as a part of a system upgrade or line restructure we have overcome numerous handling issues.

This has included integrating a system to take trays directly from an existing robotic de-panner to a high level conveying system, running the length of the factory, feeding a lowerator which in turn feeds the oiler and pinning head.

The system handles a wide range of tin sizes to suit the wide range of products produced








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Finished Product


Whether handling fresh baked bread as part of the transport and cooling system or finished wrapped goods, kensal produce the conveying systems to effectively move your products through the manufacturing process.









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