Kensal Handling Systems specialise in "integrating" all elements required to complete the automation of production lines, including Robotic Palletising and De-Palletising. 

With our expertise in conveying systems, product handling and project management, we have the "know how" especially for end of line systems.


20180222 092445aUtilising either robots from our partner company KUKA,  or a customers preferred supplier, we can handle your products, integrating Kensal manufactured infeed conveyors and outfeed pallet conveyors to suit all applications.

Combining these robots and conveyors with our expertise in the all important area of gripper tool application, your products are on the way to your customers, on time and with quality assured.

We have been integrating robots into lines for over 12 years and have a broad range of solutions to meet your robotic palletising or packaging requirements. No matter how varied your work process, Kensal will thoroughly investigate to find the right solution for your application. We have handled products from a few Kilos to 1300KG payload, delicate products to high speed lines and  are ready to provide your project with the innovative solutions and cost savings it deserves.


Kensal also offer HIGH SPEED handling tasks, especially pick-and-place tasks, KUKA small robots demonstrate one of their greatest strengths: consistency at extreme speeds.


Robots are renown for their LOW MAINTENANCE they are designed for minimal or no maintenance, making them ideally suited for continuous and uninterrupted productivity.


We can also offer Robots to work in extreme conditions such as:

  • Arctic: Freezer storage/Frozen foods

  • Water proof: Food and Drink/Cold storage/Hygienic/Cleanroom

  • High Temperature: Process areas

  • Explosion Proof: Atex Environment/Pharmaceutical/Chemical




There is a robot solution for nearly all industrial environments, we have a vast reference list that covers applications and solutions across the industrial spectrum, contact us with your query and challenge Kensal to provide the solution.

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